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Hearts of Oak - the Oak Lodge foundation trust - is a registered charity formed by parents, governors and teachers of Oak Lodge School, East Finchley, London; a school that caters for pupils aged 11-19 years who have learning disabilities.

Our aim is to advance the education of pupils attending both Oak Lodge School and Oak Bridge through the provision of facilities not provided by statutory authorities.

Since its foundation, Hearts of Oak has raised over £300,000 for the direct benefit of the students of Oak Lodge School.

Hearts of Oak is run by an unpaid team of volunteers; we have zero operating expenses and ensure that every single penny donated goes directly to helping pupils of both schools.

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Additionally, we raise funds for Oak Bridge, which is a Post-19 provision managed in partnership with Barnet & Southgate College that offers a transition placement of up to two years to help young people prepare for access to further college courses or social service support. 

The Aim of the Trust is to advance the education of pupils attending both schools by the provision of facilities and equipment not normally provided by statutory authorities.

Our Mission is to provide the financial support for the staff to provide the optimum education for the pupils.

Our Vision is a world where all schools for pupils with learning difficulties have adequate resources.


Hearts of Oak is run by an unpaid team of volunteers; made-up of parents, teachers and governors, we operate with zero over-heads, to ensure that every single penny donated money goes directly to helping pupils of both schools.

Hearts of Oak - The Oak Lodge School Foundation Trust is a registered charity that supports Oak Lodge School, East Finchley, London.

Oak Lodge is a special school with Specialist School Status for Cognition and Learning, judged ‘Outstanding’ in successive OFSTED inspections.

They offer places for 165 day students aged 11 - 19 with a wide range of learning difficulties. Approaching 50% of students currently attending Oak Lodge have a diagnosed Autistic Spectrum Condition or an associated pervasive developmental disorder.

In particular the school provides a range of teaching methods and interventions informed by their knowledge and understanding of autism, which have been developed over many years.

The school site is highly accessible and able to include young people with physical disabilities in all its learning. 

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