From fun-runs, to sponsored walks, grandparents asking for donations instead of gifts for birthdays, golf days and quiz nights, we need your help!!

If you want to raise money through a one-off special event, or wish to volunteer at either the school or with us at Hearts of Oak, let us know!




Hearts of Oak is run by a team of unpaid volunteers, including parents, and teachers of pupils at the school. We meet informally a few times a year, eat lots of cake, gossip, and sometimes talk about raising money for the school!!

As our pupils move on from the school, so occasionally do our members who are parents; so we are currently recruiting the next generation of Hearts of Oak volunteers.

If you would like to help us please email info@hearts-of-oak.org or call us on 0208 444 6711



You can help Hearts of Oak for free by doing all of your Amazon shopping through the Hearts of Oak website.


By simply clicking on this link, before you start your shopping, up to 5% of any money you spend will be donated directly to Hearts of Oak, at no cost to you!