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Cycling Equipment

Learning to cycle is an important educational outcome for all young people. As well as providing great physical exercise, the ability to ride a bicycle opens up a world of opportunity for many of our students.


Hearts of Oak donated equipment that allows all of our students to learn to ride a bicycle (or tricycle) within the safe environment of the school grounds, including, bicycles, tricycles and helmets. We also paid for the construction of a bike shed to store the equipment in, and a cycle path within the school.


In 2014 The Eleanor Palmer Trust generously donated £5000 toward the cost of the cycles and the storage shed. These funds additionally were used to fund specially trained coaching staff, and the benefits to so many students has been enormous.


In 2015 we were so lucky to receive a hugely generous donation from The Breakaway Committee toward three specialised "Tomcat" trikes. These custom-built trikes are renowned not just in the UK, but throughout the world, and allow our pupils with even the most complex of physical needs to access our bike track with their friends; the smiles seen after only the first session, reinforced what a wonderful donation this was.


A big, big thank-you from Oak Lodge to all at Eleanor Palmer and The Breakaway Committee....the kindness and generosity really has made significant improvements to the lives of so many children.

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