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Breaking News: Tortoises out-run Hares!!!

Well it's official, the old fable of the Tortoise and the Hare turns out to be a true story, and in one of the biggest sporting upsets of the year (way ahead of Leicester winning the Premier League and Iceland beating England), the underdogs have triumphed again!!

Team Tortoise cross the line to snatch a famous victory!!

But in the greatest of sporting traditions, the real winner was not cycling...the winner without a doubt is Hearts of Oak!

Through the incredible efforts of all the riders, and the support of all the donors, Freshfields have raised over £40,000...quite remarkable!!!

This amount has quite literally blown all of us away, and we really are struggling to find words to thank everyone enough.

The Hares take a well earned rest, but look like they know they're beaten!

We are proposing to use the majority of money to strengthen the staffing at our shop, The Lodge, and are now in a position to look to the future with much optimism.

We are also looking to put some of the donations toward specialist equpiment at our post 19 provision, Oak Bridge, and thanks to Freshfields all our pupils daily lives will be a lot happier.


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